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Gold, silver and Bitcoin as insurance coverage.

Gold, silver and Bitcoin as insurance coverage.

Very long time readers of my weblog may recall that I maintain some gold and silver.

Some readers may discover this shocking since worth traders like Buffett and Munger don’t consider in holding treasured metals.

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Why traders for revenue purchase gold and silver?

I do not need to rehash the previous weblog.

Too lazy. ;p

Anyway, it has been a few years since I purchased extra gold and silver.

Once I took a glance just lately, I discovered that, collectively, gold and silver shaped solely 2% of my portfolio.

That is decrease than what I believe I ought to have as insurance coverage towards fiat currencies.

I used to be watching some movies on the subject after I discovered a video by Robert Kiyosaki who has all the time stated that preserving some gold and silver was wise.

Nevertheless, in that specific video, there was a twist as a result of he was additionally speaking about Bitcoin and why we should always hold some.

That was very intriguing to me as I do not bear in mind him speaking about Bitcoin earlier than. 

To be truthful, I do not comply with him and what I find out about him might be dated.

The final time I blogged about him was in 2013:

Wealthy Dad, Poor Dad!

Anyway, very long time readers may bear in mind what I considered Bitcoin earlier than.

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My closing phrase on Bitcoin and mates.

Just like the Greenback, Bitcoin was a foreign money to me however not like the Greenback, aside from being a digital foreign money, Bitcoin was not a fiat foreign money.

Then, whereas in search of extra data, I discovered a video by Kevin O’Leary who stated that institutional traders are taking a look at Bitcoin not simply as a foreign money however as a property to carry.

So, identical to gold, many institutional traders need to maintain some Bitcoin.


They consider that Bitcoin is digital gold and, identical to gold, Bitcoin is meant to be a great retailer of worth.

Digital gold for a digital age.

The reality is Bitcoin has gained recognition and a better stage of acceptance. 

It has grow to be more and more mainstream.

The community impact could be very sturdy right here.

So, if we consider in having insurance coverage towards fiat currencies, we’d need to maintain some gold, silver and in addition Bitcoin.

I have already got some gold and silver.

After watching these movies, I began considering of getting some Bitcoin.

I admit that I’m a dinosaur with regards to tech stuff.

Do not even have Whatsapp.

I’m very set in my methods and comparatively comfy with what I’m doing and what I have already got.

In a newer weblog on retirement drawdown technique, I stated that, in my retirement, I do not need to fear about outliving my financial savings.

So, my retirement funding technique is such that I might in all probability by no means have to attract on my financial savings. 

In truth, my financial savings might even develop in my retirement.

Retirement drawdown technique.

Nevertheless, by no means say by no means.

Murphy’s Regulation.

Fiat currencies are very flawed, in any case, and having a disaster mentality and getting some insurance coverage might be a good suggestion.

So, I consider we want some insurance coverage for this which is why I maintain some gold and silver.

Similar to how I stepped out of my consolation zone this 12 months after I obtained some publicity to Chinese language tech shares, I made a decision to step out of my consolation zone as soon as extra to get some Bitcoin.

Why not merely get extra gold and silver?

I might try this however, like I stated earlier, digital gold is for a digital age.

I do not know what the long run will convey however I actually like “Sword Artwork On-line” and “Log Horizon.”

Is the Metaverse all hype or would it not grow to be mainstream?

I do not know.

I made the choice to get some Bitcoin a while after I made a decision to get some publicity to Chinese language tech and each selections shocked me for a short time.

Why a short time?

Nicely, contemplating that the costs of Chinese language tech shares and Bitcoin had already plunged considerably, perhaps, it wasn’t so shocking that I obtained after I did.

Anyway, the plan was to have Bitcoin make up 2% to three% of my portfolio.

Then, collectively, gold, silver and Bitcoin would kind 4% to five% of my portfolio.

Ray Dalio’s perspective on having a small share of our portfolio in Bitcoin for the sake of diversification resonates with me:

Nonetheless, I’ve solely purchased a tiny little bit of Bitcoin thus far and it is not even 0.5% of my portfolio but.

Why did I not purchase extra?

To put money into Chinese language tech was to put money into undervalued productive property and I nibbled though worth was down trending.

It was simply to get a foot within the door.

Compared, I can’t inform if Bitcoin is undervalued neither is Bitcoin a productive asset.

Bitcoin is rather like gold and silver.


How like that?

All I’ve to depend upon is technical evaluation.

Very harmful for me as I’m in all probability considerably rusty and will get tetanus from the train.

Anyway, I’m in no hurry to have Bitcoin kind 2% to three% of my portfolio.

I’ll take my time.

Bitcoin’s worth could be very risky and large worth swings are fairly regular.

Wanting on the chart, I see what’s probably a bear flag, Bitcoin might go larger earlier than plunging once more in worth.

So, after getting my smallest toe within the door earlier within the week, I’ll tempo myself and accumulate every time worth swings decrease.

I’d get some Etherium too as that is the runner as much as Bitcoin when it comes to market cap in order that I would not be placing all of the eggs in a single basket.

Nevertheless, Etherium is just not precisely digital gold and, so, publicity to Etherium ought to be comparatively small.

What about Litecoin?

Litecoin is digital silver like Bitcoin is digital gold.

Nevertheless, shopping for Litecoin utilizing Gemini, the crypto alternate I signed up with, requires me to make use of Bitcoin to take action.

So, to keep away from paying extra fee, I’ll principally follow Bitcoin.

OK, again to the current.

Drumroll, please.

I’ve performed it!

I’m a newly minted holder of Bitcoin.

2022 is popping out to be a 12 months of surprises on a private stage.


Like I stated, after my preliminary tiny buy, the technique is to build up primarily Bitcoin every time its worth weakens.

With this technique, if Bitcoin weakens in worth, I purchase extra and if Bitcoin appreciates in worth, it means I would not have to purchase as a lot to have it hit 2% to three% of my portfolio.

So, whichever path Bitcoin goes, I’m good with it.

OK, very long time readers know I consider in preserving an emergency fund.

Emergency fund is in a chest labelled: “CODE BLUE!”


How a lot ought to we’ve in our emergency fund?

All my gold, silver and Bitcoin will go into one other chest.

This chest will probably be labelled: “CODE RED!”

Please notice that I’m not getting Bitcoin due to some get wealthy fast thought. 

We need to watch out as there are individuals who would pitch it that manner.

Keep in mind, no one cares extra about our cash than we do!

Just lately revealed:
Recession is coming and money is trash.

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