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Reader Case: From VP TO FIRE

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What time is it? It’s Reader Case Time!

Good day!!!!

Initially, congratulations on being financially impartial! You probably did what so many individuals aspire to do however don’t have the braveness to comply with by means of with. I’m slightly envious, however on the finish of the day, I didn’t put the laborious work in such as you did. BUT I’M READY NOW!!

Up till January-ish of this yr, I used to be the standard company brainwashed millennial. I wished to climb the ladder and be a VP at my firm. That in a short time modified and now I need nothing greater than to get OUT! I watched the documentary and noticed your interview and was completely impressed. I wanted to search out out extra about you and your journey. I discovered your instagram which led me to purchasing your e-book after which studying every little thing in your millennial-revolution web page and now right here I’m !!! I’m excited and nervous to embark on this journey however I’m so assured after seeing you do it that I can do it too!

Right here is the data you outlined out of your web page that you could overview and supply some perception on:

  • Your gross/web annual household earnings
    • Gross Earnings from W2: $284,000 (It is a very new quantity – I only recently received it this excessive – however due to that I believe I can retire a lot sooner if I’ve some assist!)
    • Internet Earnings from W2: $209,937
    • I additionally simply began renting out my home on Airbnb – it hasn’t taken off but however my first month I received $5K (not considering bills)
  • Your month-to-month household spending
    • Spending is kinda excessive now however it’s altering very quickly 
    • Wants (consists of groceries, mortgage and utilities, automotive fee, insurance coverage, and so on.)
      •  $5000 ($3,500 is mortgage and utilities which must be coated by airbnb/rental earnings)
      • Observe: I’m promoting my automotive within the subsequent 3 weeks – that may drop my bills by $1,000 a month 
    • Needs (consists of leisure, fitness center membership, and so on.)
      • Varies with the month however wherever from $500-$1000 /month
    • Credit score Playing cards / Financing Month-to-month Fee
      • $952/month (damaged down by bank card in debt part)
    • Financial savings Month-to-month Quantities
      • 401K: $2,170
      • IRA: 576.46
      • Brokerage: $3,374
      • Excessive Yield Financial savings Account: $3,374 (Ought to I be maintaining this a lot liquid or investing extra)
  • For any money owed you may have, please embody:
    • Credit score Card – financed fence set up for my home
      • Curiosity Charge: 0%
      • Steadiness: $2,613.14
      • Month-to-month Fee: $352 (achieved fee in June 2023)
    • Credit score Card – expenditures to get home prepared for airbnb
      • Curiosity Charge: 0%
      • Steadiness: $2,163
      • Month-to-month Fee: $300 (achieved fee in August 2023)
    • Credit score Card – financed hurricane home windows and doorways for my home
      • Curiosity Charge: 0%
      • Steadiness: $17,201
      • Month-to-month Fee: $300 (must be paid off by January 1, 2024 – plan will probably be to snowball fee from fence and bank card to this and it will likely be paid off earlier than termination of the promotional interval)
    • Scholar Loans
      • Curiosity Charge: 3.4% – 6.8%
      • Steadiness: $48,471
      • Month-to-month Fee: $774 (at any time when this begins up once more)
    • Automotive Fee
      • Curiosity Charge: 3.09%
      • Steadiness: $26,962
      • Month-to-month Fee: $676 (promoting automotive in december – that is going away)
  • Any fastened belongings you may have (home, automotive, and so on.
    • Home
      • Mortgage: $441K
      • Worth: $592K
      • Curiosity Charge: 2.99%
    • Automotive
      • Curiosity Charge: 3.09%
      • Steadiness: $26,962
      • Month-to-month Fee: $676 (promoting automotive in december – that is going away)
  • And investments or financial savings you may have (money, bonds, shares, and so on.)
    • 401K: $131,014
    • Roth IRA: $22,053
    • Brokerage – investing in Index funds: $16,295
    • Shares from Work:
      • $3,312 (256 shares – vests on 11/20/22)
      • $3,312 (256 shares – vests on 2/20/23)
      • $2,199 (170 shares – vests on 5/20/23)
      • $2,212 (171 shares – vests on 8/20/23)
      • $3,935 (850 choices – vests on 02/08/2024)
      • $2,368 (705 choices – vests on 02/14/2025)
    • Money Financial savings: $44,763
      • Emergency Fund: 14,264
      • Cash from GM settlement with Lemon Regulation for my automotive: $10,500
      • Additional earnings being saved: $14,999
      • Journey Fund for touring: $5,000

I do know this was loads of data however I’m tremendous excited and I’ve achieved loads of analysis so I’ve loads of knowledge. I’ve a finances sheet that I take advantage of each month to ensure I’m monitoring my spending, I take advantage of a mortgage optimization sheet to pay down my liabilities the quickest means, and I’m utilizing Private Capital to trace web value and total massive image. 

Any perception or ideas on my present scenario could be useful! 

Thanks a lot!

Greatest Regards, VP FIRE

It’s at all times shocking and gratifying when our bizarre little weblog (and e-book) someway causes somebody to do a 180 and fully change their complete life trajectory, and this reader case is a good instance of that. VP FIRE has gone from brainwashed company to millennial to FIRE fanatic, and we couldn’t be happier!

That being mentioned, VP FIRE has spent a few years residing giant as a Huge-Earnings-Huge-Spender. Will she have the ability to reverse course and pivot her funds sufficient to make her FIRE dream doable?

Beats me. So let’s MATH THAT SHIT UP and determine it out!

Huge Earnings, Huge Spending

Let’s begin by creating an summary of VP FIRE’s monetary image.

Earnings$284,000 gross, $209,937 web
Bills$5000 (fastened prices) + $1000 (variable) + $952 (CC) + $774 (scholar debt) + $676 (automotive) = $8402 monthly, $100,824 per yr
Investible Belongings$131,014 (401k) + $22,053 (Roth) + $16,295 (brokerage) + $17,338 (shares) + $44,763 (money) = $231,463
Debt$21,977.14 (CC) + $48,471 (scholar loans) + $26,962 (automotive) = $91,410.14
HomeWorth = $592,000, Mortgage = $441,000

So straight away we will see there’s a LOT of stuff happening right here. The month-to-month bank card funds initially made me throw up in my mouth slightly, however after we dig into it slightly bit, we understand that every one her bank card balances are literally promotional playing cards sitting at a 0% rate of interest, so holding these money owed and never instantly paying them off does make some monetary sense.

Nevertheless, that signifies that we will’t do our typical evaluation of taking her present month-to-month bills and easily multiplying it by 12, then 25 as per the 4% rule. That may suggest that she’s planning on paying these bills eternally, and we all know that’s not true as a result of she’s planning on paying the debt off by the point the 0% promotional intervals finish.

So we have now to be slightly extra intelligent right here.

Kill the Money owed

First issues first, we all know she’s planning on promoting the automotive. So the automotive fee goes away in December. So the month-to-month $676 expense goes away very quickly. She’s additionally said that eliminating the automotive will drop $1000 of car-related bills off her month-to-month finances, leading to a web financial savings of $1,676 monthly.

Subsequent, we have to correctly account for the bank cards. At her present fee schedule, the balances on the primary 2 playing cards with a present balances of $2613.14 and $2163 must be paid off halfway by means of 2023. She’s planning on redirecting that additional money in the direction of her third bank card with a view to pay it off by January 2024.

Nevertheless, this in and of itself received’t be sufficient to repay the third bank card, which has an impressive stability of $17,201. Between now and January 1, 2024 is about 13 months. If she continues paying her present quantity on CC #3, whereas redirecting the funds of CCs #1 and #2 in the direction of it as they receives a commission off.

So meaning within the 13 months between now and January 2024, she can have put 13 x $300 = $3,900 in the direction of that debt. As soon as June 2023 rolls round, an extra $352 of CC #1’s fee goes in the direction of it for one more 6 months (July – December 2023), so 6 x $352 = $2,112. Lastly, in August 2023 CC #3’s fee can be redirected in the direction of it for 4 months (September – December 2023), or 4 x $300 = $1200. It will depart her with a remaining stability of $17,201 – $3,900 – $2,112 – $1,200 = $9,989.

As a way to not pay regardless of the exorbitant rate of interest is on this remaining stability, VP FIRE ought to repay the remaining stability in Jan 2024 together with her financial savings, which is a giant chunk of money. BUT, going ahead from this level, her bills completely drop as a result of she now not has to pay her automotive bills or 3 bank cards each month.

Lastly, the scholar debt. Ought to she pay it off?

Briefly, sure I believe so. She has the earnings for it, and the rate of interest on these loans is excessive sufficient that I’d quite take the assured return on paying that off over the non-guaranteed return of investing within the inventory market. Sadly, as a result of she makes an excessive amount of cash she’s not eligible for President Biden’s one-time scholar mortgage forgiveness plan.

So we have now a number of particular stars and asterisks that we have now to take note of for this evaluation. Specifically…

  1. Automotive will get offered and $676 month-to-month automotive fee goes away in December 2022.
  2. This additionally eliminates $1000 monthly of car-related bills.
  3. She might want to pay $9,989 in December 2023 to clear her remaining bank card stability.
  4. All bank card funds ($952) go away by Jan 2024.
  5. Scholar debt ought to receives a commission off as soon as money turns into accessible.
  6. Scholar debt fee ($774) goes away.

What do her numbers appear like then?

Her FI quantity, which might usually be merely $8402 (month-to-month spending) x 12 x 25 = $2,520,600, is simply too conservative. We’ve to calculate it utilizing her ongoing spending after retirement, not her present spending that features all kinds of funds that may ultimately go away. So meaning utilizing $8402 – $952 (CC) – $774 (scholar debt) – $1,676 (automotive) = $5000 as her month-to-month spending. That makes her FI goal $5000 x 12 x 25 = $1.5M.

Her financial savings charge, additionally, is just not so simple as merely taking earnings – bills, as a result of there are occasions that may occur that change that quantity.

In all of the beneath calculations, I will probably be utilizing her web month-to-month earnings, discovered by taking her web annual earnings ($209,937) and dividing by 12, which provides us $17,495.

In Yr 1 (2023), her bills will probably be $8402 – $1,676 (automotive) = $6,726, since she’ll have offered her automotive by then. That makes her financial savings charge $17,495 – $6,726 = $10,769 monthly, or $129,228 per yr.

Yr 2 is when she ought to repay her scholar debt, since she’ll have gathered sufficient money from Yr 1 to cowl it. That can eradicate her scholar debt fee from her month-to-month bills.

So in Yr 2 (2024), her bills will probably be $8402 – $952 (CC) – $774 (scholar debt) – $1,676 (automotive) = $5000, for the reason that different 2 money owed can have dropped off. This makes her financial savings charge $17,495 – $5000 = $12,495 monthly, or $149,940 per yr.

After which it stays that going ahead.

Oh, and we have now to keep in mind that there’s going to be a $9,989 debt compensation for the final bank card, in addition to $48,471 for the scholar mortgage stability, so a complete of $9,989 + $48,471 = $58,460 must be repaid on the finish of Yr 2.

So what does all that appear like in our projection desk?

YrSteadinessFinancial savingsROIDebt ReimbursementComplete

Simply 7 years! Wow, what a distinction eliminating the automotive and eliminating her money owed has on her funds! I like circumstances like this as a result of although VP FIRE spent most of her working life spending her cash on stuff and accumulating debt, as a result of she’s labored so laborious at her profession and amped up her earnings, she will catch up massively by merely redirecting the large fire-hose of money at her disposal and blow away her previous errors.


There’s an fascinating aspect piece to this case research I haven’t touched on but, and that’s VP FIRE utilizing AirBnb to monetize her main residence. Now, I’m at all times slightly hesitant to endorse this strategy as a result of as we all know, being an AirBnb host is just not passive. It’s a really lively endeavour and I at all times inform folks to deal with AirBnb as a second full-time job quite than free actual property cash.

There are additionally all kinds of numbers from her AirBnb hustle that we merely don’t have. What’s the occupancy charge? What’s the additional upkeep burden that comes from internet hosting folks? If she makes use of AirBnb on her property full-time, does that imply that she wants to maneuver out, or is she capable of proceed residing at that deal with? We don’t know any of that as a result of she’s simply began.

So as soon as once more, we have now to make an informed guess.

One month of $5000 earnings isn’t actually an ideal foundation for forming a monetary projection, but when we outline “success” on this mission as AirBnb merely masking her mortgage, then I believe that may kind the idea of a comparatively conservative projection.

She’s said that of her $5000 month-to-month “wants” finances, $3500 of that may very well be coated by AirBnb/rental earnings. If we settle for that as a risk, then her month-to-month bills would drop dramatically.

In Yr 1, her month-to-month bills could be $8,402 – $1,676 (automotive) – $3500 (AirBnb) = $3,226. This makes her financial savings charge $17,495 – $3,226 = $14,269 monthly, or $171,228 per yr.

In Yr 2, her month-to-month bills could be $8402 – $952 (CC) – $774 (scholar debt) – $1,676 (automotive) – $3500 (AirBnb) = $1500 a month. This makes her financial savings charge $17,495 – $1500 = $15,995 monthly, or $191,940 per yr.

Her FI goal would additionally change, if AirBnb is one thing she’s planning on doing on an ongoing foundation. This new FI quantity could be $1500 x 12 x 25 = $450,000.

You possibly can already inform that that is going to have a significant influence on her time-to-retirement, so let’s throw these into the desk and see what it says!

YrSteadinessFinancial savingsROIDebt ReimbursementComplete

Yikes, we weren’t kidding. In response to the projections, if she will execute on her AirBnb mission such that she will cowl her mortgage, she might doubtlessly be achieved by the point her bank cards are paid off, or simply 2 years from now.

Once more, I’m not satisfied that this earnings is actual or sustainable as a result of in her personal phrases, the $5k she received from her first month of AirBnb was “not considering bills,” which is a large pink flag. However even when this aspect hustle falls aside and doesn’t work, on the very least she will fall again on her unique 7 yr FIRE timeline. Hopefully the “actual” reply will probably be someplace between these two numbers.


This case appeared deceptively easy at first, however upon truly doing it, it turned out to be surprisingly difficult due to the overlapping intervals of debt compensation coming from her totally different loans. However after unravelling and modelling all that complexity, it seems VP FIRE is definitely in fairly good condition.

What do you assume? Would you may have achieved this evaluation otherwise? Are any of my assumptions out to lunch? Let’s hear it within the feedback beneath!


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